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tj2_leadIT’S FRIDAY NIGHT, YOU GUYS – THANK GOD FOR “TJ”IF!! Hey, who knows where the party’s at?? That’s okay, I was thinking about staying in, anyway… do some writing, maybe some thinking, and… some serious recuperating from THURSDAY NIGHT!!! For New Yorkers, Thursday is the week night to party, which is pretty much like how we did it up at Driz-ake, except it’s more like every other Thursday when there’s not midterms or something.

Last night was extra super special: remember my roommate Terry, the soon-to-be-super-unbelievably-famous-independent-film-director? It was his 30th birthday! Ter said he wanted to stay in and watch “Man with a Movie Camera” -- but I had other plans! After four-to-five energy cocktails, I threw a blindfold on him, hailed a cab and off we went -- to rock the Big Apple to its tasty core!

tj2_svetlanaTer’s a music buff, so there was only one obvious destination -- Music Buff’s Paradise, aka the Hard Rock Café! When we got up to the bar, I treated Ter to his favorite cocktail, a martini, but unfortunately they didn’t have his favorite liqueur, sweet vermouth, but fortunately I was there to drink most of it, plus four-to-five of my own favorite cocktails, Budweisers. Little did Ter know, his best pal TJ had arranged a special surprise guest, and she arrived right on time: it was Ter’s girlfriend, Svedlana! Thinking I should let the lovebirds nuzzle for a few, I borrowed Ter’s hat and hit the dance floor.

The Dance Floor may have been a mistake. Halfway through “Paradice City” I felt a little queezy, so I jammed on over to the men’s room. Phew, just in time! Relieved, I headed back to the bar. But to my surprise -- Ter and Sved were long gone! They probably wanted to go be romantic, which is totally understandable. But now I was flying solo, and in no mood to call it a night! What did I do next? Visit my Webshots gallery, and don’t miss the captions on the right!tj2_ipod

What’d you guys get for Christmas? I went home and got a IPOD Nano! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Oh yeah, that independent film I worked on was Super Chill… and by Super Chill I also mean I nearly froze to death in the middle of 59th Street! “New York State of Emergency” is about the horses that pull carriages in Central Park going crazy one day and running amok all over ‘town (I managed to nab a few pages of the script – check ‘em out!)!

As Production Assistant, I had many important jobs: I was in charge of “locking it up” (making sure nobody walks into the shot), going on “runs” (fetching expressos for the director and prescriptions for the producer), carrying grip equipment for the grips and, of course, cleaning up after the horses. Production even assigned me a Walkie Talkie, so I could be in constant contact! It was a bit of a dream come true -- as a kid, I often fantasized about being on the radio. For 13 of the 19 hours, I was “locking it up” in famous Columbus Circle, where we were having a problem with some homeless. I tell you, it’s not easy to quiet a screaming person during takes, especially when he’s mentally ill and there are four-to-five of him, but I gave it my college best! Sadly I wasn’t able to work the next night, as I got a little feverish from standing out in the cold, but hey, I earned a hundred big ones -- not too shabby!

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