Beer Bracket Winner Announced

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beer_bracket_winner.jpgThe day has finally arrived. Today we are announcing the winner of The First Annual Steve's Word Beer Bracket. This past Wednesday we thought we were going to come away with the true winner but the judges stunned us all and left us with a tie. The editors here at Steve's Word had no other choice than to have our very own Jeff Larson chug both beers in quick succession to determine the winner. Very scientific and democratic indeed. The video is a bit crude because Jeff was in a hotel room at a wedding after party in Colorado. It is hilarious and decisive nonetheless. Click on the image or here to watch. Thanks again to our judges, Mitchell Frye, Avery Booker, Elle Scoots, and Chase Booker. This is probably the best thing Steve's Word has ever done.


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    Scheiße! Gott im Himmel! Bull Bälle! I can't see the video on my work computer nor on my iPhone. I'm gonna have to spend 3 more hours in suspense?!


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    dieses bier ist sehr toll, ja

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    Those last few seconds, with Jeff babbling incoherently over the toilet, may be the finest video ever shot by a mortal human being.

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    [...] Left-Center field that features some really great beers for $8-12 per bottle, including a certain prize winner.  Totally worth [...]

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    i love the end. I felt that. Ouch.

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    Love the end. Ugh, I felt that coming! Congrats, poor Jeff.

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