Okay ladies and germs, Command+D is here again with every one's favorite game: REAL OR NOT REAL!!! If you don't know how to play, here's the deal. You click on each of the ten links below and try to determine if they are real genuine photos, actions, stories, etc. OR if they are fake, photoshopped, scripted, or otherwise untrue. Then you put your two cents on each of these links into a comment and we compare notes. The beauty is, no one knows the answers. Okay, here are the links!

Command+D XLI: End of the Decade

It's the last day of the decade and who better to ring in the New Year than your old pal, Command+D.

Command+D XL: The ****est Ever

Command+D is all about exploration right? Well, Command+D himself just realized that we haven't yet really delved into the most extreme places on the net... yet! This week, we're gonna take you there!

Command+D XXXIX: No Trick, Just Treat

You know Command+D is your friend because he's never let you down. He wouldn't ever hurt your feelings or trick you. That's why this week's Command+D is all treats. That's right. These little nuggets of goodness are just miscellaneous fun/funny stuff for you to enjoy like the sweet, sweet internet candy that it is.


You didn't think we'd leave Command+D behind on the old site did you? He's our bread and butter and he's back with his bread and butter: Flash! Grab a knife and a schmeer your face with some Command+D.

Command+D: Flashy Vidzzz

young-fli-flashy-front-cover-725385.jpgHey there flash haters!  Welcome to the second Command+D devoted to that which you hate and I love!  This time we're talking about the other half of Flash: the

Command+D: Flashy

adobe_flash_logo1.pngThe other day Command+D was perusing the vastness of his internet world when he found a whole host of sites that hate

Command+D: Recipe Whore

donutburger-741684.jpgWelcome back, Stevesword.  Command+D's been here all along, I just didn't want to mention it to you.  Who doesn't like some good home cooked fair?  Well, you can always count on the internet to give you some truly wonder

Command+D: Show Business

oscar50.jpgEditors Note - As you might have noticed, Buenos the Cat and Command+D have gotten a little shifted around due to the Beer Bracket.  So we've come to the mutual decision (between Steve, Buenos, and Command+D) to alternate these two weekly columns for the next several weeks.  This week we're giving the spotlight to Command+D, but tune in next week

Command+D: “Steve” “Word”

i_love_steve_heart_custom_personalized_hat-p148740094199925533tdto_210.jpgCan you guess what all these sites have in common? 

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