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command3.jpgWelcome back to Command D.  Thanks for all the comments.  Please keep 'em coming if you like this stuff.  Otherwise our intern Nate Green takes over my spot and I have to start writing real articles again.

I'm sure what I'm about to say is no news flash to most of you who've found your way here to Stevesword, but I'm gonna say it anyway. It warms my heart to know that while our physical world becomes smaller, flatter and more homogenized, the inter-webs provide us a diversity of voices and interests in a way that continues to astound me in how truly different they are.  We may not all agree and that's okay, 'cause there's plenty of space for all of us.  It allows everyone and anyone who shares an interest to find their way to forming a real community.  On that note, lets take a brief sample of some of the vastly different communites out there.

Command+D: The Sound of the Fury!

command_d_cloudGreetings from back here on Planet Earth!  If you missed the first installment of Command D, let me catch you up to speed.  Every week, I bring you the readers of Steve's Word some of the wonders of the Internet.  Last week we explored looking inside the Internet at the possibilities for what it even means to be in the Internet.  This week we explore looking out of the Internet at the wonders of our little Third Rock from the Sun.

The youTUBE* phenomenon of user videos has broadened our ability to see the world around us like we never imagined.  Most of the following links are part of this miraculous new way of communicating with the world about the world around us.  Some are amateur videos and some are from pros, but they all share the common link that they have found an archive online that forms a part of our consciousness.  And now on to the videos!

Command+D: Overture


Hello, and welcome to a very special first edition of Command D lead by yours truly, Virgil.  This section is the collection of the oddities that I've come across here in the tangled web we call the internets.  I'd like to focus this first installment ever so slightly, so I've picked the links I feel start to touch on the possibilities out there in the world wide web beyond it's normal usage as a transfer of mere printed words and

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