Command+D: Real or Not Real?


Okay folks.  Some of you may have played this before, but it's a little game we at Stevesword like to play called Real or Not Real?  As the name suggests, you are supposed to guess at the validity of the link as being actually real (as in having actually happened, naturally) or not real (as in photoshopped, special

Command+D: The Command+D Wish List


Thank goodness we made it past Thanksgiving!  I could hardly stand the wait, plus all that twaddle about what we're thankful for, blah blah blah.  We all know that, I, Command+D am an aggressive, ego-centric, affluenza.  Now that we're safely into the holiday season,

Command+D: Give Thanks! Give it Now!

Command+D Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving!  What an auspicious day for a nice slow meandering walk through the internet to get your apetite going.  Or maybe you've stuffed yourself chalk full of food and you need to stroll and ward off that post-feast nap?  Well, pull up a comfy chair girls and boys, because Command+D wants to show you what it's Thankful for this year.

Command+D: Surprise Special Edition!



This just in.

A link so mindshatteringly jaw-dropping that it couldn't wait until next week.

If you have already seen this then you are cooler/geekier than Command+D and you are excused from fu

Command+D: Video Pwnage!

command d pwn pic

Last week on Command+D we pondered what a was like.  After all, Command+D is an exploration not just of the sensational but of the (sometimes) bland parts of the internet.  You can't fully enjoy the spice of a good Chille Verde without

Command+D: What’s in a Name?

jeffdotnetThe other day I typed in the first part of my favorite website, .  Since I have it bookmarked (duh), I can usually just type the first few letters and my web browser knows the rest so I just press enter.  So this time I typed in "" by accident and I stumbled onto a place I'd never been.  It wasn't what I expected to say the least.  In the days where every URL under five or six characters has

Command+D: Hope

Better late than never!

obama heads

Okay y'all, I started doing Command+D in part to try to distract myself from politics and political blogs, to which I am addicted, but I have to devote this one to our next President,

Command+D: I know you are but what am I?

Jeff Pee WeeHere's the costume that no one correctly guessed.  I just saw Pee Wee's Big Adventure for the first time this year and I'm totally enamored with it.  How did I miss that growing up?  I think it comes from having very protective parents.  I'm sure if I'd have seen it then I would have turned out weird.

What are you for Halloween this year? 

Command+D: Halloween

pumpkinsI think it has more to do with the fact that Halloween falls on a Friday this year than my unlikely rise in popularity here in New York, but I've been invited to over five different Halloween parties, which is I think more Halloween parties than I've been invited to if you combined all the Halloween Parites I've been invited to between 1980-2007.  And there's nothing like inviting Read

Command+D: Mischief

command d no unpleasant thoughts

So lately, I've been feeling pretty ready for the downfall of humanity since the government is buying the Read

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