Command+D: Riddle Me This

Rodin Thinker Command+DPop quiz, Command+D'ers!  Get your pen and pencil and take the following quizzes.  I promise that while some of these are objective with right and wrong answers, most are totally subjective and probably tota

Command+D: Won’t you

romantic.jpgCommand+D loves me!

Command+D: The Hopeful Future

argentina butts futureDudes and dudettes!  Command+D welcomes you back to the present from a few possible disturbing futures.  This week we're going to look ahead again into a kinder, gentler, more enlightened future.  And no,

Command+D: The Disturbing Future


Boo!  It's the future here to scare you!  J/k it's just Command+D!  But did you ever wonder what the future would be like?  In this first of a two week series Command+D takes a look into both the best and the worst of what could happen to us.  By "us," of course I mea

Command+D: Real or Not Real II

bigfoot.jpgCommand+D got a little crazy this week, what with the Inauguration and all the circuits frozen for cell phone users.  Being that he's not totally selfish, he decided to use some of his vast resources to help those trying to make calls by giving up one half of a percent of the 5 Tril

Command+D: See you in hell, GWB.

bushhell.jpg Command+D realizes the topic is going to be a cake walk.  Even you could put this one together, dumpy!  But then again it takes an exceptionally bad President to create so much great humor.  Besides that, next week this will become so passé.  So let's all have one last good long hard laugh

Command+D: Ahh-rt

TigerArt.  It is not just for artists.  As I, Command+D, have recently learned there are non-professional artists who actually create art too.  I'm not talking about your great uncle here, I'm talking about the only people Command+D cares to associate with: cele

Command+D: Motivate!

Command+D MotivationalHere comes the New Year.  2009!  Didn't see it coming did you?  Neither did Read

Command+D: Anthology

anthologyCommand+D would like to take a moment to thank all its devoted fans for a great fourteen weeks.  Thanks for all the comments, and please enjoy the condensed version of the year 2008.  Doesn't make sense?  Just click the heading with the Roman numeral to go to the original post.  Thanks again!


Command+D: The AntiChristmas


So I bet you thought Command+D was going to whip out a Christmas themed link set today?  I mean it is just a week out from the Big Day and all, and so far Command+D has been pretty consistent with holiday themed links, right?  Well, guess what kiddi

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