Command+D: The Newspaper

doug-adair-anchor.jpgWhat if Command+D ran a newspaper?  More specifically what if he ran a newspaper that wasn't about to be closed, like all those ones in the real world?  What kind of stories would he print?  Well, first of all I don't think I would print anything too topical or newsworthy; because then you have to fol

Command+D: Real or Not Real III

bad_fake_id.jpgEvery quarter-year or so, Command+D collects enough strange tidbits that are so difficult to believe that he's created a game for them called Read

Command+D: How About Some Information, Please?

pa.pngLost.  In a dream.  Don't know which way to go.  If you are all that you seem, then baby, I'm movin' way too slow.  I've been a fool before.  Wouldn't like to get my foot caught in the slammin' door.  How about some information, pleeeeeeease?

1.   Straight up now

2.   Tell me

3.   Do you really wanna

Command+D: Earth Day

yutian-pollution.jpgSo Command+D usually does a big promo thing about each holiday, but you know what usually slips through the cracks for most holiday enthusiasts out there?  Earth Day!  Command+D loves this quaint terrestial holiday because it's so specific to entities who are

Command+D: Old School

old-school.jpgHey, look fellas!  Just 'cause Command+D was born last year doesn't mean he doesn't have fond memories of bygone decades, nay, centuries!  You see, the internet forms Command+D's collective memory of all things that happened in the past. 

Command+D: You Wish You Knew

instruction.jpgHey there Command+D'ers of the world.  Now that we've all calmed a bit from the temporary INSANITY here at Stevesword, Command+D is here to get your head back in

Command+D: Madness

stop-the-madness.pngWhat is madness?  Is Command+D mad?

1.   Is this video?

2.   Is this page's comment section?

3.   Is this media?

4.   Is this construction crew?

5.   Is the banking crisis?

6.   Is our culture?

7.   Are you sure?

Command+D: Crimes and Criminals

gates_mug_shot.jpgCommand+D wants to take a minute and step back and consider crime and criminals.  Somewhere in these interwebs folktales are told of these criminals.  This week's Command+D is in honor(?) of the men and women who have chosen to depart from the norms of our society far enough to become one of "them" the criminals and to a f

Command+D: Mashed

garlic_dill_mashed-potatoes1.jpgWhoa baby, I just got back from a venture into the world of YouTube mashups and I have to give a warning.  This Command+D might take a little time.  So bookmark it (Command+D) and

Command+D: Ten Questions

commanddtenquestionssm.jpgWelcome to another Command+D with your host, Command+D!  We're going to play a slightly different game from

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