Command+D XXXIX: No Trick, Just Treat

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Command+D XXXIX: No Trick, Just Treat

You know Command+D is your friend because he's never let you down.  He wouldn't ever hurt your feelings or trick you.  That's why this week's Command+D is all treats.  That's right.  These little nuggets of goodness are just miscellaneous fun/funny stuff for you to enjoy like the sweet sweet internet candy that it is.

1.   Carve it up! And learn something too.

2.   Now entering hell.

3.   Back in the real world's hell...

4.   Here's a whole bunch of good stuff for you.

5.   Don't want it?  Send it to this guy.

6.   Don't want it?  Send it back.

7.   Religion and politics.

8.   Question and answer time.  What's on our minds today?

9.   Chasm bimbo oddment.

10. Finally a few gems of true wisdom.  Because an idle mind is the best way to relax.

And for an extra treat, check out last year's Halloween Command+D!  Now go out and play. 







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    Tremendous Command+D! Bravo!
    From poor little Seneb and his entrails to the Send Them Back site with it's vindictive "you're very welcome!" scrawled on the back of the envelope, to the crucifix/shiv...all I can say is hooray for the internet!

  • 2

    When the blind leadeth the blind get out of the way! You said it, D.

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