Command+D XLI: End of the Decade

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Command+D XLI: End of the Decade

You know how usually Command+D has a clever way of tying seemingly unrelated links together into a coherent theme of some sort?  Well today being the last day of the decade I decided to clean house, so I'm getting rid of all the left-over goodies that never quite fit.  Call it the "b-sides" or the "behind-the-scenes" or you can just call it bullshit.  Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. 

Happy Last Day of the Aughts!

1.   Clearing out the old, Thou fobbing tardy-baited lewdster!

2.   How could the man in the second picture be so far off?

3.   Is this a repeat?  Prank it up anyway.

4.   You can't explain why this is funny.

5.   From the small to the large.

6.   Robbin Hooding it.

7.   Testing testing.

8.   Nails in skulls.

9.   Is your cat trying to kill you?

10. The last picture.


11. Did you click on every link above?  If not click here.

12. Mad science!

13. How much of a facist dictator are you?

14. Speaking of gettting rid of stuff before the joke is old...

15. Mail me to the moon.

16. Numbskull.

17. If you are/were an English Major I expect you to get over 60% on this.

18. How significant are you?

19. Google it.

20. The failbook.

Okay, now on to 2010!!!

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