Command+D XL: The ****est Ever

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Command+D XL: The ****est Ever

Command+D is all about exploration right?  Well, Command+D himself just realized that we haven't yet really delved into the most extreme places on the net... yet!  This week, we're gonna take you there!  That's right, this Command+D is not for the faint of heart!  We are looking for the weirdest, the fastest, the worst, the best.  Any superlative will do!  You do have two guarantees though!  First you will be amazed!  Second, if a link is truly Not Safe For Work, it will be labeled as such (always the case here at Command+D).

Now here's the part where we leave the limp-wristed and lilly-livered behind and forge ahead!  Are you game?

1.   First let's set sail!

2.   Or instead we could skip that step.

3.   Of course we'll need a few hotel reservations made in advance.

4.   This is where things start to get a little weird.

5.   Somewhat stranger still.

6.   Going from bad to worst.

7.   I think we need some comic relief.

8.   Okay, now it's getting really gross. (NSFW)

9.   I'm sorry that we all live in a world that this counts as mainstream entertainment.  (NSFW)

10. At last you can find refuge from the horrors of the world here.

Congratulations, friends!  If you made it through all of those links with me (without looking away) then you get a gold star for Command+D bravery.  Honestly, though, most of them really weren't bad at all.  Which one was your favorite/least favorite?






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    Ef it! I'm moving to New Zealand. Thanks, D.

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