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oscar50.jpgEditors Note - As you might have noticed, Buenos the Cat and Command+D have gotten a little shifted around due to the Beer Bracket.  So we've come to the mutual decision (between Steve, Buenos, and Command+D) to alternate these two weekly columns for the next several weeks.  This week we're giving the spotlight to Command+D, but tune in next week for more insight from Buenos the Cat. Blah blah blah.  As you can see here, fellow Command+D'ers we've been forced onto the stage with a goddamn cat!  I say, "blah!"  I think it's about all that Steve thinks Command+D is good for; spitting out hilarious links week-in and week-out.  Obviously my pithy comments and clear-headed analysis of all things internet don't mean that much since I've got to split our time here with some immigrant/fool cat blathering reactionary "advice." There, got that out of my system!  You know it's hard for someone with my clear talents to share the spotlight, so I thought I would take this week to meditate a little on show business.  Don't worry (Steve), I won't say too much!  Here are your links, sans Command+D's input! 1.   Here are some abandoned theaters.  Who cares? 2.   This lady got a tattoo for money.  Whoopty shit! 3.   These guys put a camera in space for like 5 bucks. 4.   Disney is cheap.  AKA they recycle. 5.   I'm the vendor.  Steve's the client. (Buenos is the dipshit reading this). 6.   This little person must know what sharing a stage is like. 7.   David Lynch has the right idea.  Why hire actors? 8.   Explosions + Boobs = Lowest Common Denominator 9.   This kid knows something about pencils... and beats. 10. Finally some REAL old school entertainment. Blah.  See you in two weeks, you damn cats.


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    #7. David Lynch's team interviews people from Moab and Montrose... As much as I've always wanted this to happen, I think it means that the end truly is nigh.

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    Great stuff, D. I truly enjoyed the David Lynch interviews.

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    [...] back, Stevesword.  Command+D’s been here all along, I just didn’t want to mention it to you.  Who doesn’t [...]

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