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Okay folks.  Some of you may have played this before, but it's a little game we at Stevesword like to play called Real or Not Real?  As the name suggests, you are supposed to guess at the validity of the link as being actually real (as in having actually happened, naturally) or not real (as in photoshopped, special effects or editing, actors instead of audience members, total fabrication of the concept, etc.).  The best part of this game is that Command+D is not going to spend one milisecond trying to determine the actual answer.  As far as anyone here knows these could go either way.

Here's an easy example of something totally not real.  You'd click the link and then choose "not real."  Get it?

I think you've got the idea.  Go ahead and make your guesses in the comments.  Let's get an argument started.  I'll even give you a template to cut and paste your answers in, or you can write them in permanent marker on your computer monitor, take a picture and send it to us.

1.   Elephant

2.   Deer on the road

3.   Ant oil

4.   Goat (not to be confused with Goatsee, this link is totally safe for work)

5.   Explosion

6.   Rats

7.   Whale spill

8.   Springboard

9.   Text message

10. Snow slide

Okay, now you've seen/heard/read/watched all ten of them, it's time to make your opinion known....

2.Deer on the road
3.Ant oil
7.Whale spill
9.Text message
10.Snow slide

So as to get things going I'm going to post my own answers in the comments below, so I suggest you scroll back up and take another look at the links if you haven't made up your mind.


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    Name: Jeff Larson
    1.Elephant REAL This maybe the most difficult one for me. It sure looks like the elephant is really doing it, but how can we ever know?

    2.Deer on the road NOT REAL How does it fly so high and straight up?

    3.Ant oil NOT REAL I really hope this isn't real because its ridiculous

    4.Goat REAL Hey why not?

    5.Explosion REAL and awesome. Mostly I love the sound of this.

    6.Rats REAL I have to say I'm pretty unsure about this. How could they survive long enough together to make a rat king of more than two or three rats? Why don't we see this more often?

    7.Whale spill REAL It would be so expensive and difficult to fake this.

    8.Springboard NOT REAL Again, trajectory looks way off from what I'd expect.

    9.Text message NOT REAL Who would do this, even by accident? Who would let get out online?

    10.Snow slide REAL Could go either way here too.

    Now your turn!

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    PS - You don't have to explain your answers like I did. Even just a "r" or "nr" works.

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    First of all, when I let you take intimate photos of me, it's because I trust that you won't be posting them on Command-D!

    1. Elephant-not real-well, real..but I think these elephants have been trained to paint the same tree over and over again, they are not able to look at any object and paint it. Only humans and Commander Data can do that.

    2. Dear on the Road-Real-that was me driving.

    3.Ant Oil-real-I use the intimate lubricant version, marketed under the name Ants in my Pants.

    4.Goat-Real-but what's weird is the video for Ceca Raznatovic sex clip - that appear in the side bar with the rest of the yelling goat vids. Weird..I think if Goatsee could talk, it would sound similar.

    5.Explosion-not real- 2006 my ass, his whole outfit was SO 1994..

    6. Rats...ooh...nice...may I suggest you repost this baby in the hot or not catagory.

    7.Whale-Not Real- and frankly, sexist. Goes to show that men's immaturity with regard to any mammals time of the month is international.

    8. springboard-hahah! real and I like how the springboard tech guy doesn't even react. Somebody's got some splaining to do.

    9. Text Message-not real- who would shag that fugly bitch? lol1

    10.Snow slide-wow, real, and beautiful. this rare example of nature meets sculpture is just waiting for some snot-nosed kid to fuck it up.

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    1.Elephant - r
    2.Deer on the road - nr
    3.Ant oil - nr
    4.Goat - so efing r
    5.Explosion - nr
    6.Rats - real, i've seen one
    7.Whale spill - real
    8.Springboard - nr
    9.Text message - r, i banged that chick
    10.Snow slide - r, i also came along and kicked it

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    1.Elephant-real. "Those photos will make every man to ask himself how smart some animals can actually bee!" and to ask himself who posted this?

    2.Deer on the road-Not real at all. Why would it stay in the exact same position while flying in the air?

    3.Ant oil-"In order to use the ant oil, remove all the hair from the unwanted area with the help of dig hair machine." Dig Hair Machine? Excuse me? Not Real.

    4.Goat- Yes. Real.

    5.Explosion- Real. I dislike the sound, but really love the fast dust wave.

    6.Rats- I refuse to believe that rat tails would ever get tangled. That's an awesome myth and also totally stupid. Have you ever touched a rat tail? I know at least 2 of you have and you know they couldn't get tangled.

    7.Whale spill-Ick. Real.

    8.Springboard-Not real.

    9.Text message-I don't even want to think about it.

    10.Snow slide-real. but it makes me feel jealous for some reason.

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    Name:Drew Johnson
    1.Elephant-Real. One time I saw a video in a storefront display window of this elephant. It was weird cause the store didn't have anything to do with painting or elephants (I think it was a cooking store?), but I guess they were just so into the painting elephant that they felt like they had to share it with the world no matter what.
    2.Deer on the road-At first, I say "CLEARLY not real." But. Then I start to wonder, just a little bit, about whether it's maybe TOO surreal to not be real. Truth is stranger than fiction. Or something. WHAT IF? That deer would have to be made of flubber.
    3.Ant oil-Not real. "Look how sciency these words are!"
    4.Goat-Real...LY ADORABLE! Why is it so fucking cute? It has none of the makings of something cute (a pushy, smelly farm creature that yells like a blind hobo?), but somehow it just makes me giggle like a damn schoolgirl.
    5.Explosion-Real, I think. So bombs are just like, a thing you can have as a hobby? You can just put on your chacos and your columbia fleece and head to the desert for a nice weekend of blowing up everything?
    6.Rats-I think real. if conditions were right, it could happen. Did you see how claw-y out-y those little babies were? Also, this gives me insight into the origin of the name of the Ninja Turtles villain, Rat King.
    7.Whale spill-REAL! REAL! What if you were minding your business. And then, you think "whoa! awesome! a whale on a truck!" And then, before you know it, there's a half digested giant squid all over you! Wow. Really, wow.
    8.Springboard-No way, Jose.
    9.Text message-I think this is real, but the re-enactment screenshot is fake.
    10.Snow slide-Real.

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    That is one spectacular rack...and I pronounce them: REAL!
    As for everything else?

    2.Deer on the road-REAL
    3.Ant oil-REAL
    7.Whale spill-REAL and the best part is that a website called (The website of odd, strange,interesting, and unbelievable things spilled on the road by trucks) exists!
    8.Springboard-REAL!! I want to believe! Everytime a gymnast crashes spectacularly an angel gets it's wings!
    9.Text message-REAL
    10.Snow slide-REAL

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    For all those interested... The rack above is that of Selma Hayak that I found by google searching for "fake boobs." That doesn't mean they aren't real, but in case you happen to know from first or second hand experience the validity of Ms. Hayak's rack you could confirm Kate's response.

    Drew - I still say the deer is not real.

    k-lar - how could you and Tim both be right re: Rat King? Not possible. You all already know where I stand on the issue of Rat Kings, so duke it out amongst yourselves.

    Tim - You've seen one (Rat King) but that doesn't mean they weren't sewn together posthumously a la Joel-Peter Witken's cadaver art. Eh?

    Mavi - If the spring board guy gets no reaction then why is this real? Just sayin'.

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