Command+D: Real or Not Real III

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bad_fake_id.jpgEvery quarter-year or so, Command+D collects enough strange tidbits that are so difficult to believe that he's created a game for them called Real or Not Real.  Today, lucky readers, is the day that I, Command+D, unleash another mind-boggling edition of this game. Now I know some of you already understand what this is all about, but for those who are just joining us in the past several weeks or months, the game is simple.  Below we have ten links to miscellaneous oddities.  Your goal is to determine by speculation alone whether the oddity is actually a real occurrence or if it is in fact somehow fabricated.  In other words, was it done by professional actors, generated by a computer, mistaken for something else or otherwise deceptive.  As per usual, Command+D can't be bothered to actually find out the correct answers, so really this is about successfully arguing your case for the validity or falsity of said oddity. At the bottom of these links you'll see a handy answer sheet you can copy and paste into your answers to make it easier for us to score.  Or if you prefer to answer in a stream-of-consciousness paragraph, that's cool too. Okay, on to the game, we begin with a nearly believable youtube clip... 1.   Earthquake 2.   Fireman 3.   Best Man 4.   Mason At Work 5.   Invertebrate 6.   NSFW 7.   Madonna 8.   Tagged Money 9.   Running Eagle 10. Squirrel and Giraffe So them's the questions, and here below is the handy commenter answer sheet that you can cut and paste below to your heart's content. ANSWERS: Name: 1. EARTHQUAKE 2. FIREMAN 3. BEST MAN 4. MASON AT WORK 5. INVERTEBRATE 6. NSFW 7. MADONNA 8. TAGGED MONEY 9. RUNNING EAGLE 10.SQUIRREL AND GIRAFFE Good luck!


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    Name: ASW Drinka'
    1. EARTHQUAKE - NR - It's just too straight of a crack
    2. FIREMAN - R - I've done this several times chasin' ASW's
    3. BEST MAN - NR - No way would the camera man have zoomed out in time.
    4. MASON AT WORK - R -
    5. INVERTEBRATE - R - And frightening
    6. NSFW - NR - No one would ever get that tattoo
    7. MADONNA - R - The second one is real but notice how little her strange cleavage changes from one to the other.
    8. TAGGED MONEY - NR - The CIA put a chip in my brain.
    9. RUNNING EAGLE - R - I don't know how they trained it to make the Heisman pose but there it is.
    10.SQUIRREL AND GIRAFFE - NR - when would these animals ever come in contact with one another.

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    the damn "squirrel and giraffe" is a freaking EAGLE. But not just any eagle, this eagle appears to be running. wow.

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    don't fuck with eagles:

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    I can't comment on the veracity of these links, aside from the "Best Man" clip, which I know is true because Bob Saget told me it's true and he's no liar, but all I can say is,

    Magnifique, Command +D, you've really outdone yourself this week.

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    thank, wait...THANK you for posting that photo of Jose Pacheco. That is one of the funniest fake IDs to ever grace the planet.

  • 6

    1. EARTHQUAKE- not real, japanese cars can totally ramp over that.
    2. FIREMAN-Real, those barbarian Norse can't resist smoked kitten.
    3. BEST MAN -Real, and proof that bestmen are clumsy tards.
    4. MASON AT WORK- Real- show off...
    5. INVERTEBRATE-that's not an invertebrate, it's a cat dong!
    6. NSFW- not real- her labes look like their in the wrong spot.
    7. MADONNA-Real-and the thing is, she still looks pretty good.
    8. TAGGED MONEY-Not real
    9. RUNNING EAGLE-Real-looks like the robot to me.
    10.SQUIRREL AND GIRAFFE-Not real, it's doesn't look like a squirrel or giraffe, but an eagle!

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    Busted indeed:

    Most Ever So Sincerely,

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