Command+D: Flashy Vidzzz

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Command+D: Flashy Vidzzz

Hey there flash haters!  Welcome to the second Command+D devoted to that which you hate and I love!  This time we're talking about the other half of Flash: the videos!  It's hard to deny that Youtube hasn't totally changed your physical world nearly as much as it's changed Command+D's internet life.  None of that world-changing would have happened without Flash video.  C'mon!  Admit it.  That's pretty sweet. I don't think I'd even exist as an internet entity detached from from any physical form if it wasn't for Flash video.  In that sense I guess you could say Flash video is my daddy and I love it so much that it might as well be true.  Usually someone calling anything my "daddy," is bothersome enough that Command+D will hack your account and give it to Ron Popeil but in this one instance I will allow for it.  Like if someone was to comment to me and ask, "Hey Command+D, who's your daddy?"  I'll just be all cool and reply, "Flash video!"  Try it out!  I dare you! Okay, now on to the vidzzz!  There are sooo many types to choose from so we're gonna stick to the music videos for the most part, but you'll see that's still millions and millions of pages so if Command+D didn't include your favorite music video, feel free to post a link in the comments section.  Here we go! (BTW - We are NOT covering music video mash-ups, as those were covered a few months ago)

1.   You've got your classic viral comedy...

2.   You've got your historical stuff...

3.   Closely related to #2 you've got the cover song compare and contrast.

4.   You've got the not-so-funny viral remixes...

5.   There's the user-submitted low-budget videos.

6.   Some 80's nostalgia TV music.

7.   The music videos that aren't actually moving pictures at all but excuses to put an audio file on Youtube.

8.   You've got plain old used-to-be-on-MTV stuff.

9.   Then you've got a music video made largely with flash that just really should be on MTV.

10. Finally, you have a music video made largely with flash(?) animation and live action which is truly a category unto itself. Blam! 

And if you thought #10 was strange, get ready, cause you ain't seen nothin' yet!  We've got one more Fashy Command+D left!  See you soon.

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