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adobe_flash_logo1.pngThe other day Command+D was perusing the vastness of his internet world when he found a whole host of sites that hate flash websites!  Upon hearing their grievances, Command+D has to admit that monopolizing any part of the internet (such as video and animations) is a dangerous thing.  No one wants to be sued for downloading their own youtube videos as one of the posters predicts could happen. Still, Command+D would be a liar if he was to say he didn't love flash websites for many of the aesthetic reasons that these other guys mention as cardinal sins.  The sounds, the clever animations, the unexpectedness of it all, even the "loading" splash pages.  What makes a flash site great is its disregard for timeliness and efficiency and its ability to break the mold of what a website "should" be. Here, instead of saying it, I'll just show you:

1.   You don't need to use flash or even a computer for this.  But it's still awesome.

2.   Is this necessary?  Not at all.  But I love it too.  Notice the unnecessary audio.  Brilliant.

3.   Sometimes flash is even useful.  Ever want to describe particle motion?  I thought you might.

4.   Then there are sites that are just simple and fun.

5.   The more interactive the better!

6.   This one's a truly elegant beauty, despite the sidebar ads.  Make sure sound is on for it.

7.   Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!

8.   Perhaps a serious "offender" for the aforementioned flash-haters out there.

9.   You can even put an ugly html page together with some silly flash and get an even better site!

10. I think this pretty much sums up what's great about flash sites.

There you have it ladies and germs.  I haven't even gotten into the video side of flash yet, so stay tuned for future flash fun.  Or if you hate flash too, peace out for a few weeks!


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    Lots of fun stuff. Thanks, Command+D

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