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i_love_steve_heart_custom_personalized_hat-p148740094199925533tdto_210.jpgCan you guess what all these sites have in common?  Command+D can't wait for you to guess, so I'll just tell you.  They are all sites that bear an uncanny yet probably coincidental likeness to, at least in the name of the page.  This may remind you of an older Command+D but this is indeed its own sub-category all its own.  These pages are all at a subliminal crossroads with the site you hold near and dear to your heart.  Does our site measure up?  Find out below! 1.   Steven's Templates when you need a new template, but not one that's too crazy. 2.   Who else is named Steve Word?   LinkedIn tells us.  They are not as cool as stevesword. 3.   Steve........WORD this guy can't believe that he didn't reserve our domain name first. 4.   Steve Sword races the dirt bikes maybe even a little better than stevesword.  Not that good though. 5.   Steve Word or project-goat? You tell me. 6.   Steven's Word a solo, an opus. 7.   Is it their, there, or they're?   Tell us Steve! 8.   Stephano's Word!  Oh my!  Send in the Tall Outstanding Women. 9.   Zelda on Tesla Coils note who made this happen? Freaky, huh? 10. Word of Steve boy I bet this guy wishes he'd beaten us to the punch. That's the last straw!  Stevesword must become the preeminent version of both the word "steve" and of the word "word."  Look out Steve Jobs!  Here we come!

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