Letter from the Editors: Just Who the Hell is Steve Anyway?

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Letter from the Editors: Just Who the Hell is Steve Anyway?

Just Who The Hell is Steve Anyway?

First, welcome. Thanks so much for coming to our site. Whether this is your first time here or if you're one of the original Very Important Infinite Galaxy Members, we love you and we mean it. You've come to this site looking for hearty laughs, critical insight, and inspiration and you've found it. What you probably haven't found yet is the answer to a very simple question: Just who the hell is Steve anyway? Settle down because we're about to tell you. It's a long and wondrous tale. Grab a blanket and some hot cocoa and cozy up to your laptop (or desktop if you're old school) because this is going to take awhile. Well, not that long.

You need to know that this is the third incarnation of Steve's Word (aka stevesword.com). There's going to come a time, probably in the year 2015, when you will be playing Trivial Pursuit The Aughts Edition and that will come up. We'd like you to be prepared. Before the dawn of blogs, way the heck back in 2004, Steve's Word was created by Tim Spellman and Dave Sugalski as a literary humor site. Dave and Tim wrote a screenplay together in college and thought starting a website to promote themselves and their comedic stylings would generate interest in the script. After much debate, brainstorming, and passionate snuggling they settled on the creation of Steve's Word. In its original state there were grand plans. We say "grand" but at the time others said, "confusing." And by "others" we mean our parents and friends. Because Tim and Dave were so smart and creative, instead of calling the site "Tim and Dave's Wacky Web Stuff" they came up with a mythos, a fictitious creation story behind the name of the site in the hopes that it would engender some sort of cult following and ultimately lots of BJ's. The legend was this. Every contributor was a member of the 1992 Little League Championship team, The Silverbacks, and Steve was our coach. He imparted inappropriate yet ultimately useful advice, such as, "the third date is the pantie date. If you don't see some cotton, that shit is probably rotten." An invaluable piece of wisdom that extols the merits of patience and avoiding STD's. Things every 12-year-old boy needs to know. Each contributor would have his or her own unique Steve story relating a special bit of wisdom that Steve imparted to them and how it still influences them today. Through his advice he promised a world of heartache, failure, embarrassment, and heartburn, but he also gave us hope. It was this promise, this WORD, that we honored in the creation of the site. This failed miserably. A convoluted, misguided and overreaching concept that is way too hard to explain to people. Obviously.

However, there are elements to that ill-conceived concept that have been retained and continue to guide us today. One thing that has never changed is the tone of that story. The belief that everyone is unique but nobody is special. Life is hard and it's never going to stop being hard, but it's hard for everyone so let's laugh about it. You're going to mess up, a lot, but that's OK. We mess up all the time. If you've ever received one of our newsletters then you're well aware of this. Hence our slogan: Humor, Advice, Opinion, Failure.

The second phase of Steve's Word came about as result of technical changes and personnel changes. We moved to a wordpress based site which made it easier for us to maintain ourselves rather than rely on a moody and avaricious web designer. By April of 2007, Dave had mostly left the site to focus on other ventures and Matt Toder had been added to the mix. Not only does Matt write a helluva lot, but he's all over the back-end of the site. Hey, that's not what we mean. He's now co-editor of the site along with Tim. In March 2008, another major addition came along, the Week in Review. When we started to establish a platform to talk about the events of the day, we were able to add a humor news magazine element to our humble offering. Eventually, with a little help from the election and its wealth of material, we moved to a five-post-a-week format and developed a roster of immensely talented and hilarious contributors, you can find out all about them on the Authors page. The increase in volume and variety is what has prompted our latest change. We'll have multiple features in a day that may be written pieces, videos, music, podcasts, pictures, or whatever. The new site will give us the flexibility we need to satisfy your ever desire.

Ultimately, we're not entirely sure what Steve's Word 3.0 might hold, after all, who are we to tell you what the future might be like? But, we do know some things we hope to maintain as we move into this new phase. First, we will hold fast to our brand of first person humorous journalism, taking our inspiration from politics and news as much as our own mis-adventures in life. Second, we are firmly committed to the notion that this site is a collective. The more you contribute, the more equity you have in the site, exactly like a timeshare at the Jersey Shore: the more you stay there, the more of your stuff you get to keep there. We are always open to having others contribute to the site and strongly encourage submissions and ideas. We are well aware that we can't do this on our own. Even though few people read this silly little thing, we take it seriously and it's a lot of work. OK, enough of the pitch to get you to write for us.

Now you're in the know. You know who Steve is and who we are. Even though we've given up on perpetuating the fake origin story of Steve and the '92 Silverbacks, our core values have not changed. Steve isn't real but he lives in our hearts. He is who we look up to and long to be but can never reach. Plus, it was too much of a pain in the ass to change our url.

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    Bullshit! I started this site and this is the thanks I get?!

    J/k y'all. This new site rocks. I look forward to seeing how my fake legacy will unfold.


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