Ask Mr. Manners, with Buenos the Cat

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buenosheadshot01.jpgHey Buenos, I spent most of my youth working at construction sites and developed a few unlucky souvenirs like a bad back and ton of moles on my face and arms.  The other day I put my back out again trying to clean the gutters on my roof.  What do you do to stay healthy?  Do you have any advice for overcoming chronic pain? - Hurt in Huston

 The Buenos is NOT a medical doctor, not a physical therapist, not even a veterinarian.  Just because I am a cat and have no expertise does not mean I will shy away from answering your question, HH.  My main plan when it comes to pain is to avoid it at all costs.  I am on constant red alert and anytime anything happens at all, Señor Buenos is ready!  A broom falls to the floor of the apartment; I run away!  A bus goes over a pothole outside our apartment; I run away!  One of my owners shut the door to the refrigerator too fast; I run away!  I think you get the idea.  Some call it cowardice, but I am still alive and healthy because of it.  The rest of my secret for staying healthy is to eat whenever possible, especially when the other cat leaves her wet cat food alone for too long, and to sleep most of the rest of the time.  Do plenty of stretching and keep your pearly-white cat nipples clean with a good licking and you're on your way to a healthier tomorrow.

Buenos the Cat is not a physician but he can still answer your questions at

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