Ask Mr. Manners, with Buenos the Cat

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Ask Mr. Manners, with Buenos the Cat

Dear Buenos, I just read that stretching too much before exercising might be a bad thing.  Who are we supposed to trust when there's so much conflicting advice out there?  I've been told my whole life, stretch before you run. - Lacy of Laredo

Well, LOL, I stretch all day long.  Whenever I am standing up from sitting or resting I always stretch my fore-paws and my rear ones too, in that order.  Usually I'll also smell the air for any signs of bodily fluids and then assess where Trixie the other cat is (you can never be too cautious, that's the Buenos motto) and if my owners are home I will figure out where they are too.  I think, LOL, that you humans rely very heavily on what you have heard.  Maybe even more than what you have experienced, you will base your future actions on what others have told you.  Sometimes we animals wish that we too could communicate the way you humans do so that we could know if the cat food today is better than yesterday or if there is anything too scary outside on the roof, but we cannot really tell each other those kind of things because our Cat language does not work like that.  So instead we have our experience to guide our future actions.  LOL, have you ever run without stretching before?  I bet you feel pretty sore and stiff the next day.  Also I bet that if you stretch too hard or too much, you will pull your muscle.  That happened to the Buenos once when his claw got hooked in the couch just before he tried to jump off of it.  ¡Aye Yi Yi!  That hurt both my claw and my tiny cat hamstring for days!  So that is why I stretch almost all the time, because I never know when I must flee from something scary like a door closing too fast or plastic bag being moved about.  LOL, look back on your own experience and use that to guide you in your choices to stretch or not.  After all that is the only knowledge any of us possess!

Don't take medical advice from the Buenos.  But do ask him for advice:

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