Ask Mr. Manners, With Buenos the Cat

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Ask Mr. Manners, With Buenos the Cat

Buenos, what's with this unending cold front? Does it have anything to do with global warming? - Freezing In Florida

I'm glad you asked this question FIF.  You see, the Buenos is a special cat and I do posses special knowledge about matters of etiquette and of the heart.  However, the Buenos is not a scientist.  I've never had any schooling and I can only write this article because my owner is able to take dictation from me.  I have only been alive for three or four human years and I spend almost all of my time indoors (unless I'm put out on the roof to guard against squirrels).  So I think you could say that the Buenos has -- how you say -- no cualificado to answer this question.  I have heard of the thing you are talking about the "global warming" and while I like the sound of having warmer sunnier days to lay around in sun beams in the apartment, I also understand that it could bring about many changes.  cat_towerI am always frightened when anything changes but these changes sound pretty bad -- changes like extinction of other plants and animals, like masses of refugees and destabilization of the global political landscape, even possibly triggering an ice age.  It makes the Buenos think of this new cat tower that our owners bought us for Christmas this year.  It is very tall and fun to play on but Trixie and I both like the same part of the cat tower, the room toward the top.  We fight and fight over it and neither of us want to give the spot to the other cat.  Making matters worse, when we are both on that same spot at the same time our weight and our ferocious fighting causes the tower to tip over and then we have nothing to play on anymore.  I think if one or the other of us was to accept that we needed to change for the good of the cat tower that we both love so much then we'd both be happier because the tower wouldn't tip over.  So I think the humans who are fighting about global warming need to accept that the Earth is showing signs that it will also change in a way that we cannot change back and it's not as important who caused it as it is to make sure that it doesn't "tip over."  And although the Buenos lives on this "cat tower" we call Earth, it is not a fight for the cats, FIF, it is up to you humans.  Good luck and don't let us down.

Buenos is not a scientist, but he does dole out some good personal advice.  Go ahead and give him a try:


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    I don't want us to ruin this precious cat-tower called Earth either Buenos. This is your best work so far. Have you considered politics? I think the 2010 elections would be your year if only you weren't here illegally. You are here illegally, right?

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    Truly insightful, dear Buenos. I look forward to the day when Aiwa will call out to man and beast alike and we will fight side by side to restore balance to the cat tower!

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