Ask Mr. Manners, with Buenos the Cat

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Ask Mr. Manners, with Buenos the Cat

Hello Buenos, I'm from Florida but I go to college in Ann Arbor, Michigan so I don't get to go home for Thanksgiving this year.  Instead I got invited to spend the Holiday with my roommate's family in Detroit and I said, yes.  Then yesterday this really cute guy that I've dated a few times asked me if I wanted to go meet his parents for Thanksgiving in Chicago.  I really want to go with this guy, but I've already said, yes to my roommate and her family.  What should I do?  - Distressed In Michigan

What a great problem to have, DIM!  Both ways, you will end up in a loving home with tons of delicious food to eat!  You may think that the Buenos only eats cat food and fecal matter but I also will jump up on the table when my owners are away and sample some of the human food too.  There I am confronted with all sorts of yummy and disgusting food and drink.  For example I really enjoy a cold piece of chicken, especially without the breading or sauce my owners put on it.  I don't much care for salad, humus, beer or pancakes, although I do like the sticky puddles of syrup on the plate.  Anyway, I'm not sure what kind of food humans eat for the Thanksgiving but I can only imagine it will be delicious.  Now as for your question, DIM, maybe I say this as a cat who must only ever pleasure himself with his own tongue but I think you should go with the boy.  Talk to your roommate first and tell her your feelings and ask her if her family would be angry.  If her family is like me then they are probably happy to have more food for themselves and maybe also get more attention from your roommate.  Be sure whereever you are eating food that you leave something (not too spicy) for the Buenos!

Thanksgiving is a great time for reflection. Do you have anything you'd like to share with Buenos?  Email him:

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