Ask Mr Manners, with Buenos the Cat

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buenosheadshot01.jpgHi Buenos, I have two questions for you.  1) My hair looks best spiky, but no guys are wearing spiky hair anymore.  (Well, except for Chelsea gays, but I am much more interesting than them.)  What are the hip new hairstyles for men this summer?  2) How many times should I leave voice-mails on a foreign undergrad's phone to get him to go out with me... if he's not returning any of the calls?  What else can I do to make him fall in love with me?  I really like his scent; it makes me feral.  I thought he and I could go join the Peace Corps together after he graduates, but I'd rather suggest this to him over a date in person, rather than in one of these one-way voicemail conversations.  Please help!  Thanks! - Mostly Experiencing Obolary Whoredom

Well chosen name there, MEOW.  Let the Buenos delve into each question in parts.  First, I have always liked the natural look for hair or if you want to get fancy you could sport a Freshly-Cleaned-With-My-Own-Saliva look (that's the official Buenos style).  If you like spiky hair, do spiky hair but make it your own because I know that between hairstyle and scent (which you also mentioned) there are only a few other things I look at in a mate.  The main other thing I look for is a shared interest -- in my case I'm referring to my love of human bodily fluids.  Unfortunately for the Buenos, my only other cat companion in the apartment, Trixie, does not share that interest (and she also swats me in the face when I try and get friendly with her).  Your second question with the voice-mails, I do not know what a voice-mail is, but I think if you are trying to contact them over and over and they are not responding, then you must face the facts and let them go.  If they want to "join your Peace Corps" (whatever that means) they will certainly respond.  In the meantime look for someone else who does not swipe at your face every time you try to get friendly.  Good luck, MEOW.  ¡Chao!

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