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buenosDear Mr. Buenos, I live a blessed life in the little hamlet of Sioux City, Iowa with my wonderful wife and my two beautiful children.  I have a decent job selling car insurance and a network of supportive friends who know me very well.  Why would I have any reason to be depressed, right?  Well even with all that my Father God has given me I still have found myself feeling the terrible weight of depression for weeks now.  I've been having trouble sleeping, thinking about the drudgery of my existence.  I've been loosing weight at an alarming speed and just recently I wasn't able to make love to my wife.  It hurt her feelings terribly and I'm afraid my depression might become contagious to her if I can't give her the love and support that she needs.  Why would God put me through this?  I have to confess that I question His existence now that I'm in this terrible funk.  Do you have any words of support for people out there having their faith questioned? - Downer Steve

First of all, DS, I need to tell you that the Buenos is a strong believer that depression is best treated by professionals!  I am a cat, not a psychiatrist.  Even if you simply go to your pastor or minister he can probably give you much better advice than I can.  But I realize that sometimes it's helpful to ask a stranger like me about your problems.  The Buenos too has felt depressed at times.  I know this sounds impossible given my weekly ray of sunshine here, but it's true.  For about a week I had been moping about the apartment so bored and so deprimido.  One day I noticed a window to the roof of the building was open.  This was not the first time it had been open, but I had never considered going outside because the loud sounds out there scared me.  That day however, I was not myself and I let my desire for anything new overpower my anxiety about the noises outside the window.  I think a part of me wanted to see if I could escape, either by running from rooftop to rooftop or even maybe by casting my little cat body off the edge of the apartment building.  So I leapt out of the window without a glance back and was immediately on the roof.  The first thing I did was walk over to the edge and look down.  It was pretty far down there, but as a cat I felt my natural instinct was not a fear of heights but a comfort in being so high up.  After gazing down at the tiny people walking below me I turned to see if I could find a way to the next rooftop.  That's when it happened.  I looked up and noticed this terrible thing above me.  You see the Buenos had never been outdoors in his entire cat life and for the first time my eyes beheld the terrible Godless sky!  I was petrified by it's immensity and seeming limitlessness.  It's hard for me to describe in words let alone Cat English so let me just tell you that I was out of my little cat head with fear.  How could a world exist where God would allow this terrifying sky to exist oppressively over its entirety.  It went on as far as my eyes could see and that also terrified me.  I sat there unable to move for what seemed like hours until my owners noticed me missing and came and picked me up and carried me back into the house.  From that point on I knew my whole world had changed.  I had for the first time in my life truly sensed my mortality and it scared the depression right out of me.  And while I had questioned my faith up there on the roof just like you, DS, once I had gotten inside again I have never felt more strongly that God exists.  As they say, he works in mysterious ways.  Have faith and he will show you your sky too!

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