Ask Mr. Manners, with Buenos the Cat

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buenosheadshot01.jpgBuenos, I've been waiting for some time now to hear you tackle the issue of paranormal visitations.  What gives?  Have you ever been visited by spirits or ghosts?  Do you believe that they exist?  I need to know because I've been visited recently but everyone thinks I'm crazy. - Lunatic On Long Island You know, LOLI, that the Buenos believes in one spirit and that is the Holy Spirit, el Jesús Cristo!  Trust in Him and all will be well!  Now I must say that as to the other spirits out there, I'm not so sure about them.  There are times when I think I am being visited by a ghost and then it turns out that the humans are playing a trick on me like when they light a candle and I get hypnotized by it.  Once they blow the candle out I can't remember if it is just a little flame or if I was actually communing with the dead.  I stare at it horrified but unable to look away and the next thing I know I'm seeing deep into the souls of my cat ancestors.  They are thinner and more-desperate than I am but always they are afraid just like I am afraid.  By looking through the candle's flame I'm staring as if through a portal into another time at every instance any of my forefathers looked into a candle and they see me too.  There are future sons and grandsons of the Buenos there with me and they too are afraid.  And for the time that the candle burns we're all trapped there together and time has stopped.  Suddenly my owner blows out the candle and I'm snapped back into the real world again.  It's relieving but also saddening because I know that I'll always be afraid.  Then I'll usually go take a good long nap and feel better.  But did I really just witness my dead ancestors or was I hallucinating?  No one can tell, so it is just as any belief in a god, that the reality of the god or the ghost is all up to you.  I believe that I have contacted my dead cat ancestors and therefore it is true.  Do you believe in ghosts LOLI?


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    I think we need to stop buying FancyFeast's Whitefish and Kindbud.

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    That shit was deep, B.

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